Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some upgrades to the Sanyo Xacti digital camcorder.

So i have been LOVING this new camcorder, its small enough to keep with me at all times (for catching pesky ufo's, or in case of major disaster in progress), with my sd card it will hold up to like 10 hours of video, i have 4 batteries for it, 3 of them are extended run time. It takes really decent photos and videos for the size, its completely waterproof.... i really have no dislikes about it... except for nighttime. This camera is small and pretty much seems like it was designed to be used for snorkeling, the beach, kayakers, canoe'rs, boaters etc.. it is almost like this is not intended to be used for night time at all.

The dillema is this: the camera is marvelous in the day time. As soon as the light level drops, the video and picture images get really grainy and when the sun goes down, the camera is almost completely useless besides the mic. This camera doesn't have a night light for the camcorder, it was left out to keep the size of the unit down. So i have been on a quest and have been playing around with settings, options, etc, to alleviate this problem.

My idea is this: The camera has a tripod mount on the bottom, in the same horizontal/vertical plane as the lens. I think that i may be able to take a led flashlight and create a mount to have it be able to thread into the bottom of the camcorder so that i can take night footage. I found a small gerber brand tactical flashlight that fits the bill. Its very small (3 1/2" x3/4"), uses 1 AA battery, yet gets approx 100 hours of light. It has 4 modes of illumination (red- keeps your nightvision(doesn't blind your friends while camping), not easy to spot from a distance if hiding. Green, good for reading maps, documents, or if you want to be seen with high visibility. Blue, good for fluid identification (did anyone think semen???) White, lights the area up bright as day. I figure i can build the mount using the included belt clip of the flashlight. All i have to do is make sure to use jamb nuts to allow the whole setup to be screwed into the bottom of the camera and it will stop where it should to be aimed correctly in relation to the lens of the camera (kinda like a scope on a gun). It will be something that should work FANTASTIC for camping or whatever tactical situations arise. (sounds crazy right? what is a crappy lil led flashlight going to do for this camcorder at nighttime?) In this video, i am going to show you the difference between no light, and different color lights while taping the results on the camcorder. you should see a remarkable difference. I do not have the Gerber Recon flashlight yet, so this is a video using another flashlight that i have which is not nearly as kick ass as the new Gerber.

Ps. I didn't bother editing this video.. it's me.. in all the rambling glory that i am known for.(plus i have been drinking wifebeater for a few hours) I still think the video does what is intended, and its just plain REAL. So enjoy and if you have a problem with my laziness for not editing this.. F off.. you didn't think up a cool idea which may in fact be immeasurably useful to hundreds or even thousands of people in the future. (i am pretty sure that this idea would work with any camera/camcorder that has a tripod mounting bolt in the base.) Oh and don't try to pull a P diddy and steal my cash flow, this shit is patented(pat# 3255145005, So suck it) Expect to see this shit on ebay in like 3 months.. lol.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some funny pics i liked... Enjoy

So its been about a week and a half since i last posted, just been lazy really....
here are some funny pics that i wanted to share...