Monday, August 18, 2008

Vacationing in Long Beach California and new Tattoos...

Kat and I are in Long Beach California right now. We have been here for 3 days and we are having a great time! Started our journey in b-more, then memphis (which has some damn good ribs) and then off to LA. We picked up our rental car (toyota solara convertible) and hit the 405 freeway traffic at peak of rush hour. It was insanity (now i know why so much crazy shit happens in cali, it all stems from the traffic) We got off the freeway and hit up PCH (pacific coast highway) and drove along the water down into long beach. The weather is a gorgeous 75 degrees and slight cool breeze. Kat was taking video while i was driving when i decided to "test" the e-brake. Yea, it scared the shit outta Kat and the half dozen other people in a 4 block radius. I locked the rear tires up suddenly and let out a hella loud howl from them. It was hilarious and Kat's face was priceless. Our rental car kicks ass and is a PERFECT car for the beach. Its sporty and we have had the top down 90 percent of our drives.

The first full day(friday) we went down to the track, caught some sun, drank some beer and saw some racing. When i say "caught" some sun, i mean we got nuked. Kat and i are BOTH sunburned crucially, but it has not slowed our fun down at all. Kat found a pretty sweet tattoo shop in Long beach called "long beach ink assassins" and she got herself a BEAUTIFUL koi fish (lovingly named tina) on her left inner calf. It is very detailed and vividly colored. Its also pretty damn big, but looks very lady like and sexy when she dons some high heeled shoes.

The next day(saturday), we hit up the racetrack again to catch the celebrity pro race, lemans series race and then we headed back over to the long beach tattoo shop. Being jealous of kat's tattoo all day, i decided to get one myself. I picked out a pic on google images of a lotus (flower) and had mike draw it up for me. It is about 5" in diameter and is on the right side of my neck. Its big, purple n yellow and gorgeous. This guy can really tattoo. It hurt like a SOB, but all the artists, customers and friends that saw me getting it done "blew it up" (fist love) saying that i was "gangster" and "good job, manning up on that shit" for having my neck done with such a large tattoo. The tattoo kinda just peeks out from my shirt collar, goes on my clavical area as well. It was a bitch to get, but now me and Kat have some LA ink to remember our great trip by!

We have taken upwards of 300 photos and videos, the scenery and city are GORGEOUS, palm trees everywhere, bright blue empty sky, skyscrapers and harbor lining the tracksides, and tons of awesome people. Everyone here is really friendly, laid back and very stylish. I think it is a great place to be. The city of long beach seems like it is almost like paradise but "real". It is certainly growing on me, even though in the first 4 hours of being in LA i said i'd NEVER move out here...

Today, Kat and I woke up at 9:30 completely demolished feeling. We are both sunburned, sore from tattoos and didn't get much sleep. Kat is having a hard time walking around (which is not good considering that the big race is today this afternoon.

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