Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Jacket, boots and Helmet Review

So i just recently purchased some new motorcycle gear and decided to review it all for you.

The first and most important item is the Airoh S4 hooligan helmet. It is a cross breed between a MX style open faced visor'd helmet and a Closed faced, shielded street bike helmet.

The result? A very different style and a very distinct performance advantage. This helmet has it all, and can be set up in multiple ways. Mx with a visor and no sheild, street bike with no visor and a sheild, or neither.

The helmet is VERY comfy, although tight on my cheeks (which all good helmets seem to be) It has removable pads that can be washed, and seem to be well made and easy to remove. The strap is a clip type which is something i hated at first, but have learned to love. It makes taking the helmet on and off with gloves easy as ever. No more fussing with buckles and straps.

The fit and finish isn't bad at all for the price. My only complaints are as follows: the visor does not open more then about 4-5".. i wish it opened all the way up to the visor. The shield also does not seal very well against the helmet and gives a VERY atrocious whistle at speed if fully shut. If i open in even a mm, the whistle is gone and it still deflects 99% of the wind away.

The gripes are minor and i would easily recommend it.. if i wanted anyone else to have such a cool looking helmet as me! (note that my helmet has been modified with a red mohowak down the top to allow it to have more visibility, plus look EVEN more hooligan.

The next gear on review is the Joe Rocket Touring boots that i purchased on closeout for nearly 70% off. They are waterproof, side zippered with a huge velcro flap and are very light. The other nice thing is that they have a very aggressive yet comfy tread on them and allow walking in slippery mud with little traction loss. There is also reflective piping and panels located in strategic locations to provide protection to the bike's frame where boots typically rub.

They are VERY comfy, well made and are almost so light that i forget that they are on. After about 1000 miles on them, i was figuring that the boot would look like crap from the shifter rubbing on the toe, but it has NO wear whatsoever on it.

It seems like they are great for touring or adventure riding. They are warm in the cold weather and cool in the warm weather. So far i love them.

Last but not least, we have the Hein Gericke Timbuktu Camo Air jacket. This jacket i got for nearly 80% off due to its...... less then becoming looks. It honestly isn't as bad as i thought it would look, but it sure ain't the prettiest. I hope i have enough time to write up all the features of this jacket, i seem to find a new pocket or interesting feature EVERY time i put it on. (in the pic, mine looks like the lower right)

The coolest feature of the jacket is its versatility. With the waterproof and windproof THICK inner liner removed (which is held by no less then 10 snaps and 2 zippers) the outer jacket is so cool, that i walked around in the middle of an 85 degree day in the sun and felt as if i was wearing a t-shirt (not an exaggeration AT all), on the same day while riding, the wind just goes right thru it and cools you completely. On the other hand, this evening it was 45 degrees and chilllllly. I snapped the liner back in and went for a ride. Almost INSTANTLY after suiting up in the house, i was SMOLDERING hot. I started to sweat before i even made it a whole 60 seconds. Outside in the cool air, on the bike, i was completely warm, and could have ridden all night in such conditions. I felt no air thru the liners and it was so toasty that i could have halfway unzipped it to get cooled off a bit. with a heated vest liner, i think i could use this jacket from the arctic circle to the sahara comfortably.

It has all the armor you would expect (shoulders, elbows, back) and the material and jacket are very heavy duty feeling and thick. Overall quality is fantastic and couldn't find even one flaw in the jacket in build quality or construction.

This jacket has pockets ontop of pockets inside of pockets. There are so many pockets, i swear i haven't found them all. They are also pretty easy to open up with gloves on and they are also very large as well. The liner and jacket have seperate pockets so you can hold a lot of things, some on the outside, and some inside the waterproof area as well.

The other cool feature is that it is set up to accept a camel back H20 setup. It has straps, holes for hoses to sneak thru and a pocket on the inner/lower back of the jacket for the bladder.

For the price i paid, i would easily consider paying the retail price for the jacket if i ever replace it. The versatility of the jacket makes it worth the purchase alone. This jacket does all seasons well and is comfy, useful and actually the looks of it are growing on me. Honestly, i have gone over about 10% of the crap it does/has. It is absolutely an amazing jacket and is extremly comfy and i will be wearing it on my alaska trip. Although i will be taking a heated vest to go under (just in case)

I can EASILY recommend these products above, they are fantastic and i would purchase them all again if i needed to replace them.

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