Sunday, January 27, 2008

BURRRRNNNNNN..... The theme of my weekend.

So this weekend was good, i worked on the Jeep down at the shop on the eastern shore of maryland. We managed to replace my power steering box, do some standard preventative maintenance on the Jeep and also play around a bit with woogie.

The steering box replacement went without a hitch... until we tried to get the pitman arm off of the steering box to swap it over to the new one.. it took a 6 foot long breaker bar with a gear puller, blowtorch and sledge hammer to get it off... i couldn't believe that the puller didn't just shatter under the stress of it all...

I did have some bad news and some good news though..

The good news:

I finally got my Safari Snorkel from ARBusa. I am receiving it for a review on the part, free of charge. It is the Rolls Royce of snorkel kits for any off road vehicle(aka the 500 dollar retail price) It also happens to be one of the first ones available in the united states.(it was shipped in from good ole Australia I opened it up to get a view of the contents. Here are some pics of that process.

(by the way, the snorkel will allow me to cross water in my jeep that is as deep as my roofline. Although i doubt i will attempt to get it so deep, it is good insurance, plus it looks plain bad ass)

The box it came in :)

What's included in the kit. (note the really bad-ass jeep in the picture)

Thanks for the carefull packaging #70!

So it seems as though everything is in the kit that i needed, i will be doing the install and review next weekend hopefully. (pending the bad news below)

On to the bad news. I had what i thought was an ingrown hair on my abdomen wednesday night. Not uncommon for my hairy self. I treated it as i normally would, and expected it to be fine. Fast forward to sunday morning... (leaving out all of the wonderfully gross details) I wake up to a boil with an abcess about 2mm deep. It is oozing and disgusting and extremely painful. Not to mention that 4-5 more have formed as well. I get home from the shore, head over to Howard County General Hospital. They took great care of me, the doctor (whom was a young blonde) made it kinda awkward.. (lets just say it was cold, i was in pain and i was wearing a gown with my parts hanging out) So anyways, she injects a super-syrum and it feels like she may have filled me up with gasoline and lit a match, excruciating pain. Then she proceeds to cut the boil/etc's open and drain them. So i have tons of painful spots all over from the knee to the belly button..... (once again i will spare you) Turns out i may have MRSA which is like a virus type staph infection that will literally immobilize you if not taken care of..

A little back story on MRSA... where did it come from you ask?? Well, people use antibiotics for literally everything nowadays. This is the mutated form of a standard staph infection, which is now immune to regular antibiotics(and its extremely contagious, skin to skin...) So thanks a bunch you fuckin pussies that couldnt handle a cold for a week. You made a super bacteria because of your weakness as a human. (if you know me, then you know i rarely go to the doctor for anything, unless i'm in severe pain or dying basically)

So Dr. Mc. blondeypants gave me some feel good pills (percasets) and sent me on my way to rest up. I feel like i was set on fire and beaten up. But I'll be better soon, cause I'm not a mega-vagine like the rest of you ;-)

Oh and WORST of all... ARBusa didn't send me any stickers with my snorkel kit! Fuck. Another email will be sent out monday.

Of to drink a beer(thanks bud light), take a happy pill(thanks Dr. Mc. blondeypants) and eat some pizza.(thanks kitty) PEACEEE.


Justin said...

i can't begin to tell you how amazing you are.. I love you. (this is me complimenting myself)

Did i ever mention that i Fuckin rule?!

AbrasionGrayson said...

MRSA is scary shit. A word of advice, whenever you take care of ingrown hairs, sterilze EVERYTHING with rubbing alcohol and clean wounds with peroxide.