Monday, January 21, 2008

My first Blogger blog post.....

So yea, i got a digital camcorder, its a Sanyo VPC-CG65.... hooray.. what the fuck does that mean? WELLLLL... it means that i can take hi quality videos of random crap for you all to observe and then send hate mail about due to my lack of even low budget porn editing skills. Hopefully as time goes on i will develop in a much better "ographer" that will allow you to watch my videos without taking acid or dramamine to watch them.

This video is just nonsense, there is not even an inkling of a point. I basically was just playing around with the cam and the uploading process. I have no clue how it is going to turn out. Please send me helpful or not helpful feedback on the process of making the videos easier to shoot/watch/upload/compress etc.

Oh and btw, did i mention that this camera is waterproof which allows me to wander off the 29% of area in which others can shoot from... For you retards, that means i can shoot UNDERWATER TOOOOOO... hooray. So watch the video, send me your lousy comments, and then expect some funny and or entertaining stuff once i get the hang of editing these things for your enjoyment!

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